Despite being an all-state track runner in high school, it wasn't until I entered my second deployment as a Marine serving in Afghanistan that I realized the utmost importance of being physically fit.

Physical fitness became not only a passion and way of life, it was a means of survival. Abs and beach body goals are insignificant; having the ability to get out of life or death situations by utilizing my body in an efficient manner is far from that.

While serving in the Marine Corps any, and all, free time I had was spent surrounded by weights. It was during this time that I focused my heart and body to the study of physicality. I first began with the typical body building movements, and then had an eye awakening experience with my first CrossFit workout. CrossFit allowed my programming to transform into something even more versatile and beneficial, than the standard body building technique, and helped to improve my overall health and fitness, as well as my survival skills.

This is me, five years later, after compiling the best of the best of training techniques. I'm certified as a personal trainer and a CrossFit coach; I've studied mixed martial arts, gymnastics and hand to hand combat -- what I want for everyone I train is to receive the most efficient and effective movements from each of these disciplines.